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TiM is a professional time and attendance software designed to facilitate the management and monitoring of your staff.

A complete solution

TiM integrates all absence parameters, as well as those of fixed, flexible or sporadic schedules, along with calculations for night-time hours and overtime.

Easy exports

TiM offers you a wide range of data exports, whether in list format, Excel export or as an interface to external systems. Webservices offers you even further flexibility.

Flexible and reliable

For over 20 years, we have been developing time and attendance solutions in close collaboration with our customers. TiM is the result of thousands of hours of customer feedback and continues to evolve every year.


TiM offers a wide and comprehensive range of features

Flexible time management

› Creation of daily schedules and weekly templates › Management of frame time, block time, scheduled time and round-offs › Calculation and identification of break times › Use of multiple templates per person and automatic identification of shifts › Automatic calculation of full and part-time leave

Quick creation of standard lists

› Individual monthly summary › Annual absence sheet › Record of those registered as unable to work › List of remunerations in case of complete inability to work › Monthly and annual statistics

Smart use of time accounts

› Management of configurable accounts (leave, holidays, recovery, etc.) › Complete control of hours with review by the system (display, blocked if balance <0) › Automatic initialization of accounts at the beginning of the year

Standard or customised exports

› Data export to Excel and CSV › Existing interfaces to major payroll and HR programs › Webservices allow for flexible access and manipulation of attendance data › Option to create customised exports

Seamless support

› Our support team is at your disposal in case of questions or problems › Remote or on-site intervention possible › Training and consultancy to identify the best way to manage your schedules › Software updates are included in the maintenance contract


Télécharger ici la documentation en format PDF.